Cirkus Eros Image Gallery - Erotic Art Photo by Carl Johan Rehbinder
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Being a professional means simply that I get paid for what I do. It's a living, or rather - one of my many income sources. So if you like my pictures, and want to use some of my art for some purpose, don't hesitate to contact me. We can make an agreeable deal.

I have provided pictures for newspapers, magazines, web projects, TV shows – even school books. I have provided nude pictures for sexual education material for school kids, as well as more explicitly erotic imagery for adult publications. I'm open for suggestions.

Prices may vary, depending on several factors. How many pictures do you want, for what purpose, in which media, and other demands. I have price tags, but am always willing to negotiate, in order to reach satisfaction for everyone involved.

If you want to use my pictures for non-commercial media, I have some conditions. I am basically very generous, and I generally allow people to use my pictures – but I want you to ask for permission first, and tell me where you want to use the picture, and you have to add my name in connection to the picture, as well as a link to this site. And did I mention that you have to ask for my permission?

Thank you!

I can work on assignment, something I often do. I can set up a studio anywhere, or work freely on location. I am very flexible and creative, and can provide really interesting solutions to most visual problems.

You may need pictures with a particular theme for your book project, your magazine, your phone app, your movie production or your company sales brochure. Or something completely different.

Maybe you want private pictures of your partner, or the both of you together? Soft portraits, or harcore erotica - I can do it for you.

Contact me for details, and let's talk about it. Let's have some fun!
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