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Calle & Jennie Rehbinder

We are Calle & Jennie Rehbinder – pioneers, visionaries, leading Swedish sex educators and experts in love and intimacy – devoted to spreading spiritual and sexual inspiration – and Love, of course.

Artists, photographers, writers, lecturers, coaches, ceremony leaders and tantra teachers – the idea is to integrate. We have explored sexuality, spirituality and art together, creating more than 300 love & sex workshops since 2003, as well as erotic photo exhibits, a book with erotic short stories, several websites and blogs, including this very site, Cirkus Eros, the most popular of them all – it has been on the net since 1999, and has been seen by literally millions of visitors.

We combine ancient Tantra and western shamanism with modern science, psychology, theatre exercises, ecstatic ceremonies, wild play, sensual touch, humour, total madness and common sense. Great tools for opening up, becoming more alive, and changing your life into something better.

Our teachings are based on a vision of Love. We want to share this vision with you – if you want to expand your consciousness, heighten the quality of your life, maximize your pleasure and happiness, and deepen your spirituality.

We offer a set of methods and attitudes, in order for you to be able to fill your life with more love, better communication, more intimacy, more play, and being totally in the present. We create secure spaces for love, emotions, adventure and play.


Calle RehbinderCalle is a very appreciated teacher, which ever subject he gets into teaching – may it be personal development, orgasm techniques, theatre improvisation, storytelling, shamanism or sensual touch.

With his enormous curiosity and ability to learn, and his storyteller skills to pass it on, combined with a large sense of humour, warmth and feeling for people, and dedication to the subject, you will not remain unmoved by him.

Calle is also a writer, and writes mostly about sex, love and relationships, but also debates in the political field. Calle has been published in a large amount of magazines and newspapers. Most of it in Swedish, but some articles have also been translated into English. Calle has also written two books – one about vegetarianism, and one with erotic short stories – and is one of three writers in a third book about Norse paganism, with several essays.
You can find articles in English by Calle on the page Reading • Articles »

Calle also works as a coach, focusing foremost on subjects as love, relationship, communication and sex – but also on marketing and advertising small businesses.

Calle also has more than 25 years of experience practicing and teaching shamanic work, and has arranged numerous drum journeys for thousands of participants since the late 1990’s, as well as workshops on how to create ceremonies and other shamanic techniques.

Calle is also a photographer, artist, designer and founder of the artistic web project Cirkus Eros.


Jennie RehbinderJennie is a very appreciated sex and relationship teacher, most of all for her generousness and natural ability to share her own experiences in complete openness, as well as for her skill to create a space filled with beauty, comfort and safety.

Since 2004 Jennie teaches about sex, love and relationships, primarily together with her husband Calle Rehbinder, but also with her own workshops, and also through coaching and writing.

Jennie also works as a physiotherapist, with Tactile Stimulation, a soft and subtle touch method.

Jennie is also accomplished in tantric massage. Together with Calle, Jennie teaches tantric massage in their workshops.


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