Festival Workshops

KurserShort workshops – for festivals and other events

Through the years we have been teaching at several festivals, such as the Sexsibility Festival (Skeppsudden, Norrköping & Ängsbacka, Molkom, every year from 2009, still going on), No Mind Festival (Ängsbacka, Molkom, 2006 & 2012), Touch & Play (Berlin 2010), Livslust Festival (Stockholm 2012), JoyRide Festival (Malmö 2014) AGALAUS (Voss, Norge 2015), ISTA & United Bliss (Berlin 2015), Stockholm Tantra Festival (2019, 2022), Nytfestivalen (Oslo 2021, 2022), Göteborgs Tantrafestival (2022), Oslo Tantra Festival (2022), Sexsibility Brazil (Aldeia, Brasilien 2023), Tantrafestival Nytorp (Skåne, 2023) – and some more.

Festival workshops

We offer workshops on many levels – some are more theoretical, such as our combined lecture / workshop about 10 Pathways to Love, or a workshop about touch and consent, or one about tantric breath & energy orgasm. And then we have some more wild and intensely playful workshops, such as Oil Gliding Ceremony, or the body painting workshop Creative Explosion, or more intimate workshops for couples, such as Heartfelt Love, or Kundalini Spanking. We can have women’s circles, as well as men’s circles. We can also create new workshops with new perspectives, if there is a desire for it.

We have also designed occasional special arrangements for separate groups. The workshops we offer can always be adapted for the circumstances – it can be as explicit, daring and challenging as you want them – or they can be more moderate, for the shy and cautious. It depends entirely on the target group, as well as the festival context. We never judge anyone – we are flexible, and have a lot to offer for most people.

The whole point with festivals is to be able to pick and choose between a large amount of different activities, with many different teachers, in order to find out where you want to go next – like an appetizer for coming steps – and we love to be a part of that setting.

”The thing that I see that is special in you is that you cultivate deep joy in yourself and that ripples into the lives of the people around you – you are playing life for joy and richness in the truest sense.”

HeartlineSome short workshop concepts we offer:

  • TANTRALILA – Playful Tantra
  • Tantric Oil Gliding Ceremony
  • Creative Explosion! Body Art Ecstasy!
  • Kundalini Spanking
  • Plastic Wrap
  • 10 Expressions of Love
  • Sensual Yoni/Lingam Massage
  • Tantric Energy & Breath Orgasm
  • Yoni – Sexual Empowerment for Women
  • Lingam Puja – Selflove for Men
  • Heartfelt Love – Intimacy Workshop for Lovers
  • The Art of Saying NO!
  • Kundalini Spanking
  • The Magic Room – Creating a Love Ritual
  • Photo Booth
  • Nude Art Photography Workshop
  • Shamanic Drum Journey

TANTRALILA – Playful Tantra
Play – the most efficient way to become present in your life


Playfulness is NOT the opposite of seriousness. We claim it’s the other way around. Play can be the most efficient way to go really, really deep into the most serious realms of life. Laughter and play loosens up emotional resistance, erases pretentiousness and competition – and opens you up for new impressions, new insights. Have a taste of a playful and easy-going, but still deep, intense and empowering path to personal development and growth, on all levels.

Tantra-lila is sanskrit, and means literally Playful Tantra – a term we made up (yes, we googled it…) and this short workshop is a dynamic introduction to our version of tantra. You will get to try out several playful games and exercises, which are in fact excellent tools for self-realization and deeply heart-felt encounters with others in the group. We play with breath, touch, energy movements in the body, visualization, sharpening of the senses – and more.

Everyone who is interested in tantra are welcome. Or actually, anyone interested in… living a better, more vibrant life. We invite both singles and couples, people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and other variations. It’s practical to have flexible and durable clothes – we will move around a lot.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

HeartlineTantric Oil Gliding Ceremony
Become a unicellular organism, a primitive life form, glide around in warm oil with other primitive beings…
One of the most spectacular festival experiences
we can offer is our oil gliding ceremony. The inspiration came from a german group who arranged something similar at the Touch & Play festival in Berlin 2010. So we made our own version of it, introduced it on a Swedish festival the same year, and it was a total hit. We have continued to develop it, and now several other Swedes are offering their very own versions of the same concept – something we appreciate a lot!

Totally naked on all levels – physically as well as mentally and emotionally – we glide around in warm oil. Our job is to create a safe, warm, meditative environment, in which all participants can feel included as well as respected in their vulnerability. We divide the workshop into two major parts – the first part is very still, very meditative and ceremonial, facilitated by us, with a focus on intense presence and deep experience. After that, we gather in a circle and share our experiences. As a second part, we open up for free, playful movement, which allow more dynamic and wild play.

Förberedelser inför oljeglidning

From a logistic point of view, this activity requires the room to be cleared at least 1,5 to 2 hours before the workshop, to build the arena for the gliding. There has to be a flat floor, and preferably some installments where it is possible to fasten the lines holding the tarp. There is also a need for time afterwards, up to one hour, to clear and clean up the room.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

HeartlineCreative Explosion! Body Art Ecstasy!
Be the canvas – and the artist! Paint on bodies, and be painted!
A very funny and creative workshop
, very popular and highly appreciated (many has come back to experience it again, and again) – one of the true favourite workshops at the Sexsibility Festival since the very beginning – Body Painting with professional theatre makeup!

Calle will inspire you how to play with paint on each others bodies. The idea is that your body is not only a temple – but also a playground! This is a LOT of FUN – and intensely liberating! In a very unpretentious and playful way this activity opens up for enormous creativity, as well as deep sensual experiences – some even get deep spiritual experiences, from the trance state they enter.


Above all, this workshop introduces a very positive view on your own body (and the bodies of others), playfulness and limitless creativity. This usually results in a large group of people dancing naked and bodypainted to beautiful dance music. Living art in its purest form!

Calle is a professional illlustrator artist/painter, and started painting on bodies in 1991, something that grew into a business, creating body art for advertising, photographic art, competitions, events and more. The body painting workshop was invented in 2007, and has been a hit ever since. The workshop can be arranged indoors or outdoors (if the weather allows it), and I have held it in seveal venues, in Sweden, in France and in Brazil.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

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Kundalini Spanking
When intense sense stimulation and controlled pain lead to extreme pleasure!


Everyone knows ”good pain”, pleasurable sensation, like when you get a deep massage on particularly tender muscles, or when your partner bites your shoulders and neck, gently. It an be painful, but in the right way – pleasurable, energizing and liberating! In the same way you can use just the right amount of controlled pain to administer phenomenal pleasure, stimulating endorphines rather than adrenaline into the system. It can be biting, pinching, scratching, pushing pressure points, spanking, whipping, or anything potentially painful, but given with intense presence and responsiveness, in order to create pleasure, laughter and joy.

There are a lot of prejudices around BDSM. Many seem to believe that it is all about suffering, humiliation and misery, which it of course isn’t. Most people who practice spanking, does it to achieve pure pleasure, as a way of giving and getting love. This is what we aim for – we focus on pure love, pleasure and joy. We teach how to give and receive a deeper form of trust and satisfaction on a whole new level.

We call it Kundalini Spanking, because we combine classical BDSM with a tantric attitude. We also focus very much on how to receive, rather than the techniques on how to give (which of course are also important), how to be more present in the moment, with movement, breath, sound, energy flow in the body, visualization – all of this in combination, to enhance and deepen the encounter into an ecstatic experience.

This workshop requires that you practice with a partner. On festivals it happens that participants spontaneously pair up, but it may be a good thing to have some negotiation beforehand, unless you already have a partner to play with. What kind of relationship you have, or what sexual orientation, is absolutely irrelevant – the only thing required is that you couple with someone who is ready to play with you. Some physical nudity will be required for this workshop, but you set your own boundries, and communicate that with your partner.

Response from a participant in my workshop ”Kundalini Spanking” at Sexsibility Brazil in February 2023:

”Your Kundalini Spanking workshop in Sexsibility Brasil was a life changing experience to me, for many reasons! Thank you Teacher! Hope to see you again in another opportunity!”
 – T.O.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

HeartlinePlastic Wrap
Bondage ”light”, a unique, meditative experience.

Wrapping each other in plastic wrap my sound wacky enough – until you actually tried it. We have presented this workshop as a part of longer weekend workshops since 2009, and we have a lot of experience of how participants react to this exercise. Those who have tried it will gladly do it again and again.

It’s actually really simple – you generally do this in couples, and take turns wrapping each other’s bodies in plastic. The end result can be different, but many describe it as coming out of a pupa, and that it may feel as being reborn. We have had several workshop participants who took part in the same workshop many times, and this is one of our mostly appreciated workshops.

This workshop can be experienced in so many different ways, but what we generally see is that participants react very positively. The experience of being totally wrapped, unable to move, unable to do anything, floating in nothingness, totally restrained, can paradoxically enough give a sense of freedom. But in order to understand that, you’d have to experience it firsthand.

This workshop requires a partner to play with. In festivals as well as workshops, participants often pair up spontaneously. The only thing required is that you are willing to wrap each other up in plastic wrap, and get wrapped. Some physical nudity is recommended. Doesn’t have to be all nude, but the more skin, the better.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder


10 Expressions of Love
Different methods of communicating Love
10 Expressions of Love is our explanation model for how differently we human beings communicate with each other – and the subject we focus on is Love. We want to give you keys to how you can communicate with different languages, depending on who you are addressing, to make them know that you love, respect and appreciate them.

You will get a valuable toolbox for understanding everyone around you, and you will also be much better at choosing the appropriate way to communicate with each person, giving them acknowledgement and confirmation in a way that they will understand.

The 10 Expressions are relevant not only in romantic love relations, but in all kinds of relationships – family, friends, colleagues, neighbours – you can use these different languages/pathways with everyone you have any kind of relationship with.

This can be either a lecture, followed by sharing in small groups, or it can be combined with some playful exercises to illustrate and experience directly different ways to express and receive love. It all depends on the format of the festival.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

Sensual Yoni/Lingam Massage
Experience deep healing, intense pleasure and freedom, through sensual massage of your genitalia


When we get a full-body massage at a massage parlour, we never really get a full-body massage. There are some body parts that are always left out. They are taboo. We claim that this causes a lot of imbalance and subconscious shame in the body.

Getting a sensual genital massage can be extremely healing and balancing for the whole body – and not only the body, but also emotional healing. We have been teaching these techniques since 2004, mostly on our workshops for lovers, and the results are sometimes mindblowing.

It’s not only about sexual satisfaction or orgasm – although that is perfectly O.K., too. We focus on healing, expanding sexual energy into the whole body, honouring and dignifying the genitals as beautiful and wonderful sources of pleasure, healing and new life.

Teachers, workshop leaders: Calle & Jennie Rehbinder


Tantric Breath & Energy Orgasm
Learn to breathe yourself into a full-body orgasm!Tantrisk andningsorgasmAn effective introduction to ecstatic breathing techniques and energy circulation. You will learn tantric breathing and visualization techniques to achieve energy orgasm. Become aware of your inner energy flow – experience the Kundalini energy bubble throughout the body!

This is very much about expanding our definition of orgasm. Generally, when we talk about orgasm, we think of genital stimulation until the pelvic muscles goes into rhythmic movement, maybe combined with ejaculation. This is all good, and just fine, but we want to show a much broader range of ecstatic, orgasmic flow, and one available technique is this particular kind of breath and energy orgasm.

This simple breathing technique, combined with pelvic movements and inner visualization of energy movements in your body, can give you shattering whole body orgasms, ecstatic laughing moments and climax you did not know you could experience. This technique can immediately give a strong effect on your sex life – but not just there. Becoming more aware of your breathing can expand the quality of life in all areas. Generally speaking, we humans breathe too little. This is an invitation to change that.

You can have a non-genital orgasm through breathing. You don’t even need to stimulate your genitals to get this kind of orgasm, and you don’t need to be naked. You simply utilize other body functions. A breath and energy orgasm doesn’t feel like a genital orgasm. It works in a completely different way, like vibration and bubbles throughout the body, or heat waves, shaking, laughing attacks – or other symptoms. And of course, it can get really awesome when you combine this kind of orgasm with the genital orgasm, and maybe also an emotional orgasm … 🙂

All exercises are individual with no interaction, so this workshop is completely suitable for singular individuals as well as those of you who are in relationships. Wearing very soft and comfortable clothes in which you can easily move is good – or as few garments as you feel comfortable in.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle & Jennie Rehbinder (or one of us + an assistant)

HeartlineYoni – Sexual Empowerment for WomenJennie i trädgården

Are you sexually happy? Can you express what you want? Do you feel pleasure?
Creating an erotic mindset and connecting your pussy with your heart and head, is part of sexual expansion. In this workshop for people with pussies, we will talk about sex and do exercises that will open up for more pleasure and ecstasy.

Teacher, workshop leader: Jennie Rehbinder

HeartlineUgly Fucking Monster Tantra
Experience Tantra, by embracing the most ugly and shameful parts of yourself – and have fun while doing it!

Ugly Fucking Monster Tantra

A very, very different take on Tantra – this is an entirely new festival workshop. We have only had it once, at the Sexsibility Festival 2019, but it was an immediate success. Yes, it’s a strange name – ”Ugly Fucking Monster Tantra” – and we realize that many would wonder in what way Tantra could have anything with ”Ugly Fucking Monsters” to do. But we say it has.

One focus in Tantra is about expanding your consciousness, and one method is by tearing loose from old and limiting thought and action patterns, ideas on what’s right and wrong, as well as feelings of shame, guilt and unnecessary fears that rule us. All the taboos and limitations that demand of us to be beautiful, pleasing and attractive.

We mess around with that in this workshop, challenge and question, in action rather than words – primarily by playing with the ugly and monstrous within ourselves. This can be both really scary, but also insanely funny. The workshop is filled with playfulness, laughter and fun, and the goal is to play with beauty and ugliness, vulnerability, truth, masks and roles – in order to find the innermost source of life within each person.

Workshop leaders: Calle Rehbinder & Sofia Råå

HeartlineLingam Puja – Selflove for MenVitruvian Man, by Leonardo da Vinci

Many men experience sexual problems – premature ejaculation, erection stress, performance anxiety – and lack of real, deep pleasure and intimacy. On top of that is the whole subject of shame. Sexual shame, shame of being a man – or rather, not knowing how to act as a man. What is it to be a man? How can I embrace my sexuality, without shame and guilt?

This workshop gives you plenty of tools and attitudes you can use to explore and deepen your relationship to your own body, and to appreciate and develop your sexuality. It’s about finding self respect, grounding and selflove.

Selflove is a multifaceted issue, since we go into exploring ourselves, seeing our selves with more love and appreciation – from an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical perspective. We meditate, talk, do exercises. We play with breath, sound, movement and energy, as well as solo sex techniques – and at the same time, the insight that technique isn’t all – attitude is more important.

Get rid of shame, love yourself, and learn some truly enjoyable and empowering disciplines!

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

Heartfelt Love – intimacy workshop for lovers
A sensual and playful introduction to how to have more love, better sex, more pleasure and a higher quality in relationships.


Our most popular weekend workshop, which we have had more than a 100 times since we started our teaching business back in 2004, with more than 1,300 participants over the years, is our basic love workshop for couples – Gudomlig Njutning (Divine Pleasure). This course offers intensely empowering days, going deep into the dynamics of love relationship, including sex, for lovers who want to get even closer to each other, more intimate, more understanding, raising the quality of desire, pleasure and loveplay.

This short festival workshop is designed for lovers who want a taste of what a couples’ workshop can be, and how to achieve an even better relationship. During 3-4 hours we offer a light-hearted, undemanding introduction into how you and your partner can expand intimacy, pleasure and joy even more. We mix theory and practice, and you get to try out several playful exercises and games, tools for better communication and deeper intimacy. Explore how you can feel sexual flow between you and be more loving and intimate at the same time. This space is open for play, presence and pleasure. Expect erotic exercises with breath, energy and touch.

This workshop is exclusively for people in a love relationship. What orientation you have is irrelevant, as long as you show up with your partner(s). Wear comfortable, flexible clothes – or nothing at all. Nudity is generally allowed, often encouraged in our workshops – but never compulsory (except for the oil gliding).

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle & Jennie Rehbinder

HeartlineThe Art of Saying NO!
Different ways of establishing and communicating boundries

Stop sign

It’s hard to communicate your boundries, when you are not clear on where they are. Through different ways of communicating – words, sounds, defensive physical action, offensive physical action, and feeling into the Yes and the No, we explore how to actually feel and establish our own boundries – and how to feel into other people’s boundries. How to be more preceptive and responsive for both your own and other’s boundries.

We have opened big festivals using this exercise, as well as smaller workshops, as a first experience for all participants in order to create more safety for the group. It may have a strong emotional impact, and part of the exercise is to keep it partly playful and caring, listening in to every participant’s needs.

This workshop was originally invented by Felix Ruckert, and we have used it for many years, changed it a little bit into different versions, adapted it to different purposes, made it into our own – but we truly believe in giving credit to the original creators of whatever we do, that isn’t our own inventions. We use it because it works.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder


The Magic Room – Creating a Love Ritual
Create your own ceremonial space for Deeper Love


Humans are ceremonial animals. Creating rituals and ceremonies are what we do, whenever we want to celebrate something as particularly important. We have done so since the beginning of time. And it isn’t necessarily religious – we celebrate almost everything with ceremonies. As soon as you raise a glass to toast for something, you transform the drinking into a ceremony, making whatever you toast for particularly important – at least at that very moment.

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire you to celebrate love and sexuality with a ceremony. Ceremonies can be communions, involving two or more participants, up to huge masses of people – and it can be more introvert ceremonies, for one person. The task is to create your own form, keep the ceremonial space and do the ritual – in whatever form opens up for that heightened emotional state of solemnity, or ecstasy, or grandeur you want to give to the moment. We give you the essence of transpersonal ceremonial practice.

Calle has decades of ceremonial experience, having designed and officiated at least 30 pagan weddings, as well as namegiving ceremonies, funerals, opening ceremonies and many, many more, such as a large amount of erotic ceremonies, and loves to inspire others with a deeper understanding of the purpose of ceremonies, making it easier to design one’s own, as well as entering sacred space.

Teachers, workshop leaders: Calle (or Calle & Jennie) Rehbinder

Erotic Rituals


Photo Booth
Be the model – pose for a Nude Art photographer!Photo Booth

I made my first nude art photos back in 1982, and hasn’t stopped doing it since then. I have also done a lot of nude and erotic art photo on commission, both for private customers as well as for magazines, newspapers, books and other projects.

This is a chance for you to feel how it is to model for nude and erotic pictures. I can set up a photostudio, indoors or outdoors, and then it is open for any festival participant to try it out. It is then up to each person to make a deal with me where, when and how these pictures can be used.

Photo artist: Calle Rehbinder

You can see some of my work in the gallery pages Mina bilder.

HeartlineNude Art Photography Workshop
Develop your nude photography skills!Nude Art Photography Workshop

With more than 35 years of experience in nude art photography, I have some tricks and treats to share. I make it simple. You don’t have to bring a fancy camera – what I share works with any equipment, from professional cameras to your phone.

Rather than focusing on technique, I want to inspire on how to use the light (natural or studio equipment), how to choose background (indoors or outdoors, how to relate to your model, to make him/her/them to feel comfortable and relaxed, and other things that may enhance the quality of your photography.

We start with an assigned model, and then the participants can go on, maybe using each other as models (if they so please).

Nude Art Photography Workshop

Photo artist and teacher: Calle Rehbinder

You can see some of my work in the gallery pages Mina bilder.

HeartlineShamanic Drum Journey

Travel deep within, into your subconscious, find your inner guide, and learn new things about your self…

Shamanic Drum Journeys

Calle has held organized shamanic drum journeys since the mid-1990’s, with thousands of participants over the years. These inner journeys may not seem directly connected to sex, love and relationships, but they do relate very much to the subjects of personal development and growth, self reflection and introspection, as well as empowerment, by lifting whatever drives you, from the subconscious up to your present consciousness – very important factors also in relation to the world around you.

The shamanic work fits our concept of wholeness – and it pervades everything we do. And – tantra is way more shamanistic than most people know, having its origins in very old animistic cultures, and the goals and techniques are very much overlapping. Shamanic drum journeys are perfect for festivals, in so many ways – it gives time and space for deep and intense introspection, as well as rest from the outer world.

Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder

Calle håller trumresa på Ängsbacka


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