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About the photographer
About the photographer

The word "photography" is Greek, and means writing - or painting - with light. And that's what I do, in so many different ways. I am a photographer, but also a painter, an illustrator artist, as well as a theatre & show man, playing with actors, stagelights and fire.

I have been an active photographer since my early teens in the 1970's. I learnt darkroom technique by a neighbour who was a technical consultant at Kodak. Good start.

I shot my first nude art photos in the early 1980's, which gave me the inspiration to do more. See some of my earliest work here.

I work with pictures, professionally, but most of all I create out of artistic passion, for the love of pictures, for the visual expression.
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The first magazine to publish my erotic photos was Cupido, a pan-Scandinavian magazine that was distributed in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, in each language. This was back in the 1990's, but they still buy pictures from me occasionally.

In 1999 I launched Cirkus Eros, my erotic website. I started out small, with some short stories and picture galleries. However, it grew, with many thousands of visitors each day (I still have), and now the site features pictures, short stories, articles, reviews, advice and so many other things.

Cirkus Eros is now also a marketing front for the tantric love workshops me and my wife offers, since 2004. So it is a very lively place. If you can't read Swedish, you can find out more about our teaching work on the English site Eros Education.

Some of my thoughts around photography:
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Carl Johan Rehbinder, Stockholm, Sweden