Gudomlig Njutning – snart på engelska!

Art of Devotion

We are now presenting an all new workshop in English – based on our first, and longest running workshop in Swedish. Gudomlig Njutning has been around since we started our business back in 2004. Over the years, we have had almost 90 of these workshops, with more than a 1,000 participants, and after getting a lot of requests for a couple’s workshop in English, we have finally decided to give it a go. We want to expand…

Anglo-American flagIn short, The Art of Devotion is an English version of Gudomlig Njutning, our immensely popular introductory workshop for couples in Sweden – which also is the backbone of our whole teaching enterprise, getting amazing reviews all through. We dare to say that we present the best love workshop for couples in Sweden.

The Art of Devotion is a playful and inspiring way to have more love, sex, freedom, presence, pleasure, life, desire, lust, playfulness and joy in your life. We offer you and your partner to find a playful way to delve into your relationship, to make a new discovery of what made you fall in love with each other from the start, and to find new reasons to fall in love again.

Our first occasion of The Art of Devotion will be March 16-18, 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Gudomlig Njutning – snart på engelska!

    • Än så länge har vi bara schemalagt en kurs, 16-18 mars 2018.
      Blir det ett tillräckligt stort intresse för den kursen kommer vi säkerligen att schemalägga fler.


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