About our workshops – in English


Since we started our workshops in 2003 we have had almost 300. Most of them are for couples – but not all. We also offer mixed groups for singles and couples, as well as separate workshops for men and for women.

Occasionally, we also arrange workshops in English. So far it has mostly been limited to shorter workshops at festivals (which we did already 2006), but we have also had TantraLila in English, a playful tantra workshop for both couples and singles. And more is coming.


Introductory workshops:

Gudomlig Njutning was our first Love workshop for couples (Gudomlig Njutning means ”Divine Pleasure”). We started in 2004, and it instantly became very popular and immensely appreciated. Because of this workshop we have been featured nationwide in all major media in Sweden (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines), as well as Norwegian, French and German TV. This particular workshop is the basis for all our work – so far we have had this workshop more than 80 times, with almost 500 couples.

Gudomlig Njutning is our introductory course for couples, a basic workshop presenting a whole journey from self-appreciation and communication to touch and sensuality, erotic anatomy, sensual massage, tantric breathing and energy work, completed with a tantric erotic ritual.


Continuance workshops:

For those who want more, we have several continuance workshops. Our most luxurious workshop is in a chateau in Southern France, as an opportunity for development. We call this workshop ”Livets Goda” (The Good Life), and it lasts for five days. We have had this 14 times now, since 2007, and it is always filled up.


Livets Goda is more than a workshop – it’s rather a tantric vacation, focusing on pleasure, tantric breathing, love ceremonies and sexual ecstasy. We eat fantastic French food, and drink fantastic Bordeaux wines, shop at a local market, visit fine local vineyards and other very special places – and of course we have an evening with an erotic party. We simply enjoy life to the fullest.

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We also offer continuance workshops in Sweden. One is ”Gudomlig Extas” (Divine Ecstacy). In this weekend workshop we go deeper into the realms of ecstacy through different tantric techniques, such as breathing, breath orgasm, touch, energy movements, an introduction to more intense forms of sensations, such as BDSM and role play.

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We can also offer small workshops for just one couple. That becomes a little bit of a mixture between a workshop and individual coaching, since we can design the workshop exclusively for the actual couple.

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(so far only text in Swedish – translation will come – we have done it in English a couple of times)


We can do all of this in English, anywhere, anytime. We can make new workshops by design, with different themes, or we can stick to the tested and tried. You can decide what you think you need. We are open to suggestions, to specific desires, and to the needs of our workshop participants.


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