About our workshops – in English


Since we started our workshops in 2003 we have had more that 300. Most of them are for couples – but not all. We also offer mixed groups for singles and couples, as well as separate workshops for men and for women.

Occasionally, we also arrange workshops in English. So far it has mostly been limited to shorter workshops at festivals (which we did already 2006), but we have also had TantraLila in English, a playful tantra workshop for both couples and singles. And more is coming. We are planning to offer our basic workshop for couples (Gudomlig Njutning) in English, by the name Art of Devotion. A website is in the making.

We are constantly expanding our work. You can also be a part of our vision.

HeartlineIntroductory workshops:Gudomlig NjutningGudomlig Njutning is our introductory course for couples, a basic workshop presenting a whole journey from self-appreciation and communication to touch and sensuality, erotic anatomy, sensual massage, tantric breathing and energy work, completed with a tantric erotic ritual.

Gudomlig Njutning was our first Love workshop for couples (Gudomlig Njutning means ”Divine Pleasure”). We started in 2004, and it instantly became very popular and immensely appreciated. Because of this workshop we have been featured nationwide in all major media in Sweden (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines), as well as Norwegian, French and German TV. This particular workshop is the basis for all our work – so far we have had this workshop more than 80 times, with more than 500 couples (more than a 1000 participants!).


linjeWe aim to present Gudomlig Njutning also in English, by the name Art of Devotion. It will be exactly the same, immensely popular introductory love workshop for couples as we have done for 13 years – but in English. A website is in the works, and as soon as we have one workshop scheduled, you will find notices about it here on Cirkus Eros.Art of Devotionlinje


Apart from the workshops for couples, we have TANTRALILA, a playful tantra workshop for both couples and singles; YONI – Fri att Njuta, for women, and Mandom, Mod & Morske Män, a workshop for men.

YONI - Fri att njuta

There is also a completely new workshop coming up, a playful and somewhat tantric BDSM workshop called Kinky Passion. Calle combines different disciplines for a deeper and more internalized experience of intense ecstasy. You don’t want to miss this…

Kinky Passion

We also collaborate with other teachers – together with Andy Buru, an accomplished expert in kinbaku, the Japanese art of tying and being tied, Calle teaches BDSM in the workshop Ecstacy Play.

Ecstasy Play

And there is more. But that’s a general view of what we can present.Heartline
Advanced workshops:Livets Goda
For those who want more, we have several continuance workshops. Our most luxurious workshop is in a chateau in Southern France (Chateau Garreau, Cadillac), as an opportunity for development. We call this workshop ”Livets Goda” (The Good Life), and it lasts for five days. We have had this 14 times now, since 2007, and it is always filled up.

Livets Goda is more than a workshop – it’s rather a tantric vacation, focusing on pleasure, tantric breathing, love ceremonies and sexual ecstasy. We eat fantastic French food, and drink fantastic Bordeaux wines, shop at a local market, visit fine local vineyards and other very special places – and of course we have an evening with an erotic party. We simply enjoy life to the fullest.lg_collage_2Chateau Garreau now has a new owner, so we are on the search for other venues – right at this moment we now have a couple of places in southern France to be visited and checked.

This workshop has been quite a success över the years, so of course we want to continue to present this kind of intense pleasure retreat also in the future.

Read more on the website about Livets Goda! »linje
ge_banner_584We also offer continuance workshops in Sweden. One is ”Gudomlig Extas” (Divine Ecstacy). In this weekend workshop we go deeper into the realms of ecstacy through different tantric techniques, such as breathing, breath orgasm, touch, energy movements, an introduction to more intense forms of sensations, such as BDSM and role play.

Read more on the website about Gudomlig Extas! »linjeKärleksretreatOur Kärleksretreat (Love Retreat) is our immensely popular (always fills up) continuance workshop for couples, which we arrange at a wonderful workshop venue in the Swedish countryside, just by the Baltic Lake. This workshop is very focused on pleasure, enjoyment and sensational experiences.

Read more on the website about Kärleksretreat! »HeartlinePrivate workshops:
We can also offer small workshops for just one couple, which becomes a mixture between a workshop and individual coaching, since we can design the workshop exclusively for the actual couple.

loversinspaceRead more about workshops for one couple! »
So far, there is only a description of this in Swedish. Translation will come. However, we have done it in English a couple of times, without any problems at all.


Anglo-American flagWorkshops in English:
We have already had some workshops in English, both full weekend workshops, such as TANTRALILA in English, a playful tantra workshop for both couples and singles, as well as shorter festival workshops – and private workshops for one couple. So we know we can do that anywhere, anytime. We can also create new workshops by design, with different themes, or we can stick to the tested and tried.

You can decide what you think you need. We are open to suggestions, to specific desires, and to the needs of our workshop participants – whether you are singular or in relationships, large groups or just a few. We have the creativity and flexibility to adapt too your needs and circumstances, and together we could come up with something spectacular. Give us a try!


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